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18-January-2019 12:15:31 PM

Internet fads are online trends we couldn’t get enough of. The “10-year challenge” is another internet fad that becomes very popular at the beginning of the year 2019. No matter what people say but these fads always been a good way to communicate with the world in order to spend the information about trending news and events in the respective circles. Thanks to these internet fads, we get to know about a lot of crucial things and day-to-day happenings in the domestic and global market. Whether it is some funny western pop culture, an entertaining video, or an informational message, these are the contagious online movements that encourage people to click the share button in every possible way.

Let’s come to the point. As we were talking about the 10-year challenge which likes many internet memes and fads, come into popularity. People are using this #10YearCallenge as an excuse to post their 10-year old photo with the current one. Well, there is nothing surprising here since people always find some bizarre excuse to do such things. Seeing this, we also think: If these people can use something like this as an excuse to compare their past with the present then why don’t we use this internet fad for something good?


Stocks that Showed Potential Growth on NSE – #10YearCallenge


Inspiring from the “10-Year Challenge” we decided to make some good use of this internet fad for all investors out there. To receive potential earnings/returns in the future, investors tend to invest their money in some investment avenue so that they can achieve their financial goals and live the life they dreamed of. In doing so, many investors invest in gold, mutual funds, real estate, shares, and among other avenues. Real estate and gold are given but investing in shares is one thing that people hesitate to invest in.

It is because not all Indians possess the necessary skills to invest in the share market. The research and analysis skills required to buy and sell shares in the share market is not something that you can easily understand. Thus, sometimes they dropped the time to invest in. Instead of the share market, they find other options to invest their money.

It isn’t fair, isn’t it?

Everybody knows that equities and equity mutual funds offer the most growth potential than any other short-term investments and bonds. Well, we’re not here to make you realize the importance of investing in the share market or giving stock market tips but to provide you some known stats that we researched, analyzed, and presented in front of you.

Inspiring from the 10-year challenge we made a list of some of the best companies whose shares have risen drastically in the last decade. This data will give you the insights on the average share prices of reputable selected companies and how they performed in the share market in last decade and how you can use this information to invest your hard-earned money in the right shares.

Most of all, this data will indicate how these stocks have offered the most potential growth over a period of time despite regular ups and downs in the market.


Eicher Motors:

Eicher Motors Limited is an Indian manufacturer of motorcycles and commercial vehicles, and the parent company of Royal Enfield. In an analysis of Eicher Motors for #10YearChallenge, we found out that the average share price of Eicher Motors in 2008 was at Rs. 266.16 but in 2018 this figure (avg. share price) jumped to Rs. 27,225.64. Compared to 2008, Eicher Motors made a huge growth in its average share price with a growth rate of 10129.05%.



Tata Consultancy Services:

TCS is an Indian International multinational information technology service, providing consulting & business solutions has come to Rs. 1785.44 as average share price in 2018 which once was 194.23 rupees only in the year 2008. Compared to 2008, the TCS company rose with a growth rate of 819.24% in 2018 in its average share price.



Hindustan Unilever Limited:

India’s most favorite consumer goods company Hindustan Unilever Ltd which rules the heart of consumers and dominated the market for many decades was once at Rs. 232.86 average share price in 2008 reached to Rs. 1561.95 in 2018. In the last decade, the company moved forward with a growth rate of 570.76% in its average share price.




India’s leading provider of business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services made a remarkable growth in its share price in the last decade. The average share price of Infosys share was at 191.42 in 2008 while in 2018 it reached to Rs. 630.59. In doing so, it made a growth with a 229.42% growth rate.



Reliance Industries Ltd:

The Reliance Industries Ltd had an average share price of Rs. 526.98 in 2008 which reached to Rs. 1041.19 in 2018.



This data is clearly specifying that it makes good sense to invest in the share market for a long period of time and own a significant amount of stocks. Like Reliance, Eicher Motors, Hindustan Unilever, Infosys, and TCS, there are other potential stocks in the stock market that you can consider to buy for future investment. The stocks that behave like this can make anyone ride out of the short-term fluctuations.

If you stay on the course then the stocks still offer the greatest potential in the long term.

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