5 Big Mistakes must avoid while Investing in Stock Market

By Advisorymandi
11-September-2018 12:06:32 PM

It is everybody’s dream to attain a sound financial security. The sky-high prices of the products as well as the soaring inflation have necessitated the need of having an excellent investment plan to take care of the expenses in the future effectively. Now, the main question that pops out here is where to invest your hard-earned money to get adequate returns? For ages now, investing money in the stock market has been considered as a tempting option for a greater wealth accumulation. If you are a beginner, then it is better that you must not jump out of your seat and put all your money into buying shares. This is because the stock market is very volatile and most of the people tend to lose all their money in the absence of proper guidance or knowledge.

However, this does not mean that you must resist from investing in the stocks. You can look forward to meeting your investment goals and avoid losses if you take sensible decisions and most importantly avoid the following mistakes:

5-Mistakes you must avoid while Investing in the Stock Market

  1. Not Understanding Difference Between Speculation and Investing: Most of the people, tend to compare investing money in the shares with speculation or gambling, which is totally incorrect. There is a great difference between the two terms. If you are blinding acting upon the tips of your friends or colleagues as according to them a particular stock will perform well, then it is called speculation. You must maintain a safe distance from this activity. On the other hand, when you are investing in the stock market, then you have to be very smart, knowledgeable and logical. Make sure that you stick with a particular share for some period of time to get the best returns possible.
  2. Not Undertaking a Sound Research Work is Always Fruitful: It is a very important point that you must take into the consideration while making an investment decision. If you are interested in buying a particular share and not researching about the same, then you are making a grave mistake. There may be the chances that you could lose all your money at once. In order to avoid this situation, it is pivotal that you must carry out a sound research work about the company, financial position, business plans, etc and then take an informed decision.
  3. Not Keeping Time Period in Mind While Investing: You must have a certain time period or limit in mind while picking up a stock. If you are planning to accumulate money to materialize your dream of getting your own home, then it is a medium time limit. Likewise, if you want to accumulate a certain amount of money for your child’s education or marriage, then it is a longer time frame and you must go for the shares that give you better returns according to your requirements.
  4. Not Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio: Many first time investors, in the absence of proper knowledge, fail to diversify their investments. It is a big mistake which they are making. In simpler words, if you put all your money into buying the same company’s stocks and if it does not perform well in the future, then you are at the risk of losing your money. In such a situation, it is important that you must get the stocks of different companies belonging to various sectors like food, mining, technology, etc. This is because if one company’s stocks are not performing well, then at least you do not lose all the money.
  5. Getting Panicked Easily: It is another mistake that you must avoid. It is true that the stock market is volatile and it will fall and rise. In such a situation, it is highly important that you must not get stressed or panicked. The market will stabilize and if the share you have got has a good financial performance history, then it will give you sound returns. However, the need of the hour here is that you must stick to your investment habit.


The Bottom Line

The stock market is an excellent investment avenue that may give you handsome returns and help you achieve your financial goals. If you are extra cautious while investing money as a beginner, do a research work and avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, then the happy days are ahead for you in terms of greater financial stability.


Note: All information & data provided in this article is for the educational purpose as well as to give general information on the finance & economy, not to provide any professional advice or service. Views & opinions are not biased against the company and do not affect any official policy or any other agency, an organization within the content.

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adarsh k
adarsh k
3 months 7 days ago

This is very good advice for investors. Usually, people just look at investing like speculation and don’t tend to have the patience to hold. But patience is the key to the game. 🙂