Christmas Gifts Ideas: Gifts that Keep on Coming

By Advisorymandi
21-December-2019 1:13:45 PM

The holiday season has already begun and Christmas is just around the corner knocking at our doors. It’s certainly one of the periods to sit back, enjoy and relish in the moments with family members. The celebratory aura, carols, joy and plenty of gifts, that’s what this is all about. You must have heard of the phrase ‘the gift that keeps coming’ with Christmas around the corner.

We trade so many gifts, both materialistic and non-materialistic around Christmas but we’ve taken a different route to gifts this time around. Rather than merely gifting something that would be consumed and forgotten why not gift something that will offer you enjoyment for years and years to come. There are ample gifts that you can give to yourself and family members as part of the Christmas that could kickstart a new ritual, something that would give you the returns for long. Why not let this Christmas be a moment to start a new way to gifting?

We here talk about different investment options and how they can be the new gift in the town. Investment not only helps you to secure your position against any financial obligation but also helps ensure there is a scope for financial stability and growth in the long run. We’ve taken a route to unearth the best investment options as per the need to help you find the perfect gift for your Christmas. Read along.


1) A gift for your long term financial goals

It all starts with financial goals. That’s how the investment is set up accordingly. You may be looking for goals like retirement goals or seeking financial freedom or buying a house down the years. These are long term goals and you need capital to finance these goals. This is where investment comes across as a good option. With the investment, you can stay on track in your goals and achieve your goals with ease. Proper planning for the goals and implicating them into reality can help you greatly in achieving long term financial goals.

There are plenty of investment options that help in long term wealth building and are adequate to meet out any financial goals. Direct equity and mutual funds are a great choice to go for when it comes to long term wealth creation. Historically, equity and mutual funds have delivered better returns (offering 10%-13%) and have aided in wealth creation in comparison to fixed deposits (offering 7% – 10%) and other means like gold and real estate. Investing in equity remains far better poised to offer excellent risk-adjusted returns.


2) A gift of financial security

Christmas is a great time to spend with family members. You all get together and enjoy the moments of bonding among family. Those moments are certainly something to cherish for. But you can’t always be certain about life. There may be a time when you cannot be alongside your family members due to unforeseeable reasons. But that doesn’t mean you cannot still help them out with financial security.

There are various means of investment that can give you and your family financial security so that even if you can’t be physically present, your family members can still celebrate Christmas for years to come without any burgeoning financial crisis. You can go for life insurance as it can be a good investment to make for financial security. Not only will this add another item in your portfolio but it will also help ensure your family remains stable on the financial front.


3) A gift of tax saving

Investing in mutual funds comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Investments are based on the goals that we set for ourselves. And as per the same, various schemes are recommended and selected upon. However, amidst all these allure of returns and wealth creation, there’s another factor that makes investment a good option. There are a few investment options that also offer tax saving helping you to cut back on the tax liability. ELSS funds also are known as Equity Linked Savings Scheme can be a great tax saving option for you. ELSS scheme allows a user to claim tax benefits of up to Rs 46,800 for an annual investment of up to Rs 1.5 lacs u/s 80C as per the Income Tax Act, 1961.


4) A gift for your midterm goals

We talked about the long terms goals and investment plans to achieve them. But there are also some short term and midterm goals. You may be looking for an exotic vacation or seeking funds for some short to mid-term needs. Savings alone cannot help suffice for these needs as the rising inflation and other parameters will catch up to you. This is where investing in blue-chip company stock or into a mutual fund can be a good option. The blue-chip company offers a regular dividend which allows you to earn a passive income all the while seeing your wealth grow with time. Mutual funds can be another prime option for those who want to invest in securities but are not familiar with the market. In this case, professional fund managers can help you around with your investment and will help you generate higher returns for your investment. You can also go for a fixed deposit for a safer and risk-free option. Although the returns with fixed deposits are low in comparison to the ones from equity, the risk-free nature makes it a good choice for someone who has a low-risk tolerance.


As the clock ticks away and the Christmas bells start to jingle, the celebrations are deservedly called for. It also brings families together and helps embrace the moments. It’s always nice to plan for the future and seek assurance so that you and your family can cherish the Christmas joy forever with zeal. This time not just gift yourself the moment to cherish the present but also the moments to cherish for the future with suitable investment options. Invest today and sit back and enjoy the Christmas carols for years to come.


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