How Stock Market Affected by Changing Oil Prices?

By Advisorymandi
10-September-2018 10:44:34 AM

Oil is one of the crucial commodities of the commodity market which has a big influence on the stock market and other financial markets. It is like one of the pillars of the global economy and plays a major role in the functioning of the globalized world. Many experts and professional researchers did a lot of research on the fluctuation in oil prices and how it is connected to the other financial markets. Stock market investors need to be careful because of the impact of the rise in crude prices.

You must be thinking, “How is it going to affect the stock market?”

Well, the change in oil prices has an impact on the stock market. It could be positive, negative, or neutral. But, there is certainly a correlation between oil prices and the stock market. But, sometimes it is tough to be sure if a specific impact is due to a change in oil, prices or some other factor.

Many economists, academy experts, and financial experts failed to find a stronger correlation between the stock market and oil prices. Well, it could be because of other prime factors such as interest rates, industrial metals, wages, plastic, and computer technology which can offset the changes in energy costs. On top of that, another possibility is that corporations have been so efficient now in predicting the future markets which help in anticipating the shifts.

It could be because oil prices drive primary by supply and demand, however, the stock prices rise and fall based on the earning reports, intrinsic values, and risk tolerances. During economic expansion, the prices might rise due to the high rate of consumption and the prices might fall due to the high rate of consumption. So, we can’t be so sure if there is a big correlation but one thing is clear that the change in oil prices can affect certain sectors more than others. For example, the transportation sector is strongly correlated with the sports price of oil.

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