Journey of Maggi in India: History of Maggi Brand 1982 to 2019

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Maggi, one of the most iconic and popular brands of noodles, which is favored by the millions all across the world, has been spreading happiness for more than three decades. Known as the 2-minute instant noodles, it has gone on to make the lives easier for the people, when it comes to quenching your craving for the food immediately.

“Mummy Bhook Lagi – Bas 2-Minute”, this line from the Maggi advertisement is still etched into the minds of many people in India. When you take a pack of instant Maggi noodles in your hand, then have you ever thought about its history that made it one of the most sought-after brands and found in every kitchen cupboard.


Maggi Company Profile – Providing Two Minute Happiness

The Maggi brand was founded by Julius Maggi in the year 1886 in Switzerland. He produced a recipe, using the different flavors that could add taste to the food. The Swiss Government asked him to create a food product, which is not only delicious but also fasts to cook. After experimenting with many flavors, he came up with the instant pea and bean soup. In the late 19th century, Julius Maggi thought of preparing different food products that would be available everywhere cheaply and at the same time nourish the workers. That is when he came up with the food items like the soups, sauces, and flour, prepared from pulses, which were full of nutrients and most importantly easy to digest.  The products were an instant hit with everyone and Maggi began to spread its wings to different regions of the world. By the year 1888, the brand made its presence felt in various countries like the United States (U.S), France, United Kingdom (UK), Germany and Italy.

In the year 1897, he founded the company Maggi GmBH in Singen, Germany, which was later acquired by the Nestle Group in the year 1947. Nestle group was established in 1866 and engaged in the production of milk products, processed food items, bakery products, chocolates, confectioneries and so on. Maggi instant noodles are relished by the pole worldwide and extremely popular in various countries like India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Australia, Bangladesh, and Singapore.


The journey of Maggi in India From 1982 to Till date

Maggi, the name synonyms with the noodles in India has experienced a bumpy ride. From capturing the 90% market share (prior to the ban) of the noodles to getting banned, the brand has seen it all. Let us have a detailed look at the journey of Maggi in India:

  • Year 1982: Nestle launched the first noodle product in India with the brand name, ‘Maggi’ with the slogan – two minutes, which became an instant.
  • Year 1997: Because of stiff competition from the contemporary brands, the demand for the Maggi took a downturn. The company changed the taste of the Maggi and came up with the flavoring agent called the ‘Tastemaker’. However, it could not increase the demand for the product and turned out to be a total failure. Furthermore, it was hard to change the conventional eating habit of the people in India.
  • Year 1999: Maggi uses the old formula to prepare the noodles with the main objective to increase the sales. It came up with the punch line, “Fast to Cook, Good to Eat”.
  • Year 2001: Maggi Noodles grabbed a large instant noodles market share in India.
  • Year 2009: Maggi completed 25 years of Maggi noodles and at the same time also rolled out a new product called the Maggi Pazzta.
  • Year 2012: Bollywood superstar, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was made the brand ambassador of Maggi.
  • Year 2015: This is a period when the troubles started for the Maggi brand. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) imposed a nationwide ban on Maggi due to the presence of a high amount of lead and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in the noodles. Before the ban, the company enjoyed around 80%-90% market share but after the ban, its share plunged to zero.
  • Year 2016: The countrywide ban on Maggi was lifted was lifted by the Bombay High Court on 13 August 2015 and in the next year i.e. 2016, Maggi was relaunched in the Indian market by the Nestle India after getting the clearance certificate from the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).
  • Year 2019: Maggi noodles find itself in the hot soup again after the company admitted to the Supreme Court of India that its noodles contain the lead content. At present, the company has decided to release the advertisement campaigns mentioning the ‘Trustworthy Facts’ about its noodles and win the trust of the people in India.



A Maggi noodle is no doubt the number one choice of the customers in India. It is not wrong to say that the brand has completely redefined the instant food industry in India, mainly in the instant noodles category. The controversy surrounding the Maggi noodles in terms of presence of lead and MSG in its products has dented the image of the brand, but it is also not wrong to say it is the first name that crops up into the minds of the people from kids to adults in the noodles segment. It is the duty and responsibility of every brand to adhere to the quality standards and does not play with the health of the citizens. Consideration of the quality standards when it comes to producing the food products will only enhance the image of the company and help it climb the tower of success.

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