Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) – Everything You Need to Know

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13-June-2018 12:31:44 PM
Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) – Everything You Need to Know

Purchasing Managers’ Index!

Investors and traders who invest in financial markets are aware of purchasing managers’ index or in short, PMI. However, expert investors or professionals usually follow this economic indicator to check the monthly surveys of private sector companies. It works like an economic health indicator of the manufacturing sector.

Many investors who have been investing in equity, commodity or currency market use the latest information on purchasing managers’ index. PMI considered one of the major economic indicators which can be accessed by the economic calendar along with other major economic events and announcements.


How does it work?

PMI is based on a monthly survey which is assembled and released on monthly basis by the Institute of Supply Management (ISM). The PMI covers five major survey sectors/areas: new orders, inventory deals, supplier deliveries & employment, and production. In doing so, it asks the respondents about changes in their discernment of key business variables from the month before. After getting the data, a composite index is constructed.

So, basically, it is a survey-based measure that asks questions about any change in business conditions, whether it is improving or not.



The headline Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) is a number from 0 to 100. Above 50 indicates expansion, below 50 indicates contraction, and at 50 indicates no change.

PMI = (Pi * 1) + (Pn * 0.5) + (Pd * 0)


Pi = percent of answers reporting an improvement
Pn = percent of answers reporting no change
Pd = percent of answers reporting a deterioration


Impact on Management Decisions:

PMI usually released at the start of the month, long before most of the official data on industrial output, manufacturing & Gross Domestic Product (GDP) becomes available.
This is why it is considered a great economic indicator of industrial output. Thus, the data produced by ISM on monthly basis from its surveys are critical decision-making tools for managers. A manufacturer company will make production decisions based on the new orders which shall further drive management’s purchasing decisions about plenty of component parts and raw materials. Inventory balance also affects in the amount of production the manufacturer needs to complete the orders while maintaining the inventory on hand at the same time.
Not just the manufacturer but suppliers also make decisions based on the PMI. Investors found PMI quite useful in getting the indication on corporate earnings and also closely watched by the bond markets.


For India:

The PMI Data is published by Nikkei – A Japanese firm and is constructed by the Markit Economics. Markit Economics is like what ISM for the USA. And the variables used to construct India’s PMI for manufacturing sector are:

  • Output

  • Employment

  • Output Prices

  • Export Orders

  • Suppliers

  • Quantity of Purchases

  • Backlogs of Work

  • Input Costs

  • New Orders

Final Thoughts: –
In conclusion, we can say that PMI is both survey-based and investor sentiment measure in economy’s manufacturing sector. Digital participants and investors who invested in some manufacturer company must keep up with the market trends by following purchasing managers’ index (PMI). The data release on the monthly basis and can be accessed on the online economic calendar.
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