What is IPO & Is it profitable to invest in?

By Advisorymandi
6-October-2018 8:46:15 AM
What is IPO & Is it profitable to invest in

Don’t you get excited by the thought of purchasing the new clothes, vehicles, jewellery items and so on? The new things always entice the individuals. Similarly, the investors get attracted by a new Initial Public Offering (IPO) rolled out by the new companies belonging to the different sectors such as the technology, banking and entertainment.


What do you understand by an initial public offering (IPO)?


If any company decides to go public by selling its stocks for the first time, then it takes the route of the

Initial Public Offering (IPO). In layman’s language, it is one of the modes for the companies to get listed on the stock exchange. The IPOs are conducted by the companies because of the following reasons:

  • For expanding the company
  • For raising the funds
  • For developing new product
  • For carrying out a research work
  • For minimizing the debt burden
  • For acquiring another company


Why most of the IPOs are issued in the bull market?


You must have noticed that a large number of the companies decide to issue the IPO during the bullish stock market. There is a well-defined strategy behind this. When the market is bullish, then the people are optimistic and are prepared to take the risk. They find it an attractive option to invest in the IPOs and sale them if they get a good price.

Now, a question may come up in your mind why the IPOs are not issued in the bear market? You have a valid point. When the market is not performing well, then the investors do not like to invest in the new IPOs as they feel that they may not get the best price for the shares in return.


It is really beneficial to invest in IPOs?


There is no denying to the fact that when the market is on the bull run, then the people rush to invest in the IPOs and make a significant amount of money. However, if you look at the other side of the coin, then there have been times when an IPO investment has not proved to be fruitful for the investors and suffered a considerable amount of losses. It happens because most of the people suffer from a lack of experience and knowledge when it comes to investing in the stock market. In such a situation, it becomes important that they must get some kind of an expert advice to invest easily and get the best returns. This is only possible if they can avail the services of the top financial advisors, research analysts or stockbrokers who are professionals in their field.


Investing in the IPOs can really turn out to be beneficial if you carry out the research work well. It is important to track the profits, turnover, debts, etc of the company before you invest. If your stock or financial advisor gives you go ahead, then only take the decision to invest in the IPOs and create an excellent financial wealth.

Happy Investing!!


Note: All information & data provided in this article is for the educational purpose as well as to give general information on the finance & economy, not to provide any professional advice or service. Views & opinions are not biased against the company and do not affect any official policy or any other agency, an organization within the content.

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