Why your Shares are not performing in the Stock Market?

By Advisorymandi
17-September-2018 9:20:36 AM

Many a time while watching or reading the financial news, you witness that the people are rejoicing because the stock market has shattered all records or is bullish. The investors are extremely happy and making great profits. Then, you see your investment portfolio and begin to wonder “Why your shares are underperforming?”

There is no need to get stressed as you are not alone in this world who face losses in the stock market. Do you know why? Why you lose your hard-earned money every time when the market is going great guns?

Don’t worry. Let’s try to dig out the possible reasons why most of the people face disappointment in the stock exchange.


Not Carrying Out Enough Research Work

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by them when they plan to buy the shares. Instead of doing enough research work, they blindly follow the tips or recommendations of their friends, colleagues or family members that ultimately results in the major loss.

Now, a question may pop up in your mind as what’s wrong in taking advice from your friends as they are trading in an exchange for many years. You are absolutely right, but as a first-time investor, have you ever thought why your friends have never told you about the losses? Moreover, it is important to note that the financial objectives of your colleagues are different from yours. You are free to take their valuable inputs, but in the end, it makes a sense to do some research work on your own before investing.


Trying to Get Rich Quickly

Most of the individuals have a notion that the stock market investment means making quick money. It is totally a misconception and nothing else. People dream of becoming Warren Buffett, one of the top-notch investors and the third richest person in the world overnight. This is another huge mistake they are making. They do not know that it took many years for the Warren Buffett to make a fortune. It requires an extreme patience and time to get profitable returns from your shares.


Entering the Stock Exchange Suddenly

Just imagine entering the jungle alone without the proper knowledge of hunting. You will experience lots of inconveniences. Similarly, if you do not know about the prominent basics of making an investment in the stock market, then you are staring at the losses and nothing else. Hence, you must try to gain some information about the market through your friends, subscribing to the financial blogs, watching the news or availing professional advisory services.


The Bottomline

To be successful in the stock market, it is imperative that you must be a smart investor and this will only be possible if you are level-headed and think logically. Just maintain a safe distance from the rumors and advice of your friends.

Happy Investing!!!

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