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Economic Calendar commits to provide the most accurate economic calendar for traders or investors and shareholders, in order to track the most crucial economic events and indicators around the world. economic calendar facilitates:

  • Hundreds of events from all over the world
  • Automatic refresh for new data
  • Customizable local time
  • Historic Graph
  • Filter (by country, category, and impact)
  • Updates on breaking news and updates
  • Mobile-friendly (Available on Mob App)

What is Economic Calendar Exactly?

As its name, it is a calendar used by most stock market experts, hedgers, speculators, technical & research analysts, and financial participants in order to track the occurrence of market & financial events.

Why is Economic Calendar Important?

Forex traders and investors keep a close eye on the announcements and check for the economics over the world and most crucial events like –

Traders in foreign exchange market follow the economic calendar to anticipate when major changes will happen. The real-time economic calendar is exactly what you need to stay up-to-date on most recent and upcoming events of the financial market loaded in weekly, daily, and monthly reports. This kind of resources helps Forex traders to check the direction of the market. And not just Forex traders but traders who deal in equity market, commodity market, and futures market can also avail the benefits of economic calendar to stay up-to-date on several economic and financial events across the world.

How to Use the Economic Calendar?

Here, We are going to discuss, "how to interpret the economic calendar?" by going through the list of indicators one-by-one. By understanding these indicators and features, it will be easy to use it to track the latest economic events and other important information.


As you can see in the given economic calendar, the days are set in chronological order where time has displayed in days along with the time left for next release. And when new data released it will automatically update in economic calendar and page will be refreshed with newly released data.


In currency, you can see the flag icon displaying to indicate the country of the data release and next to it is the currency of that particular country to check.


The impact displayed in the economic calendar implies the volatility as an indicator of the expected impact of a data on the particular currency. The red, yellow, and orange color indicates the volatility type. For example, the red bar indicates that market observers are expecting to have the particular data to move the Forex market. Yellow indicates “low” and orange indicates “medium”.


It is very common in all economic calendar indicators. The previous number shows that “it is a data from the last release.” But, remember it can be of last month/s. The forecast is as implying the number forecasted by experts on the outcome of the number. Actual is the actual number which immediately displayed once the actual data is released.

Final Thoughts: -

It is the economic calendar which shows the status of any economy in terms of strengths and weaknesses. And since the economy and currency related to each other, Forex traders found economic calendar quite useful to predict the direction of the market. It doesn’t mean that economic calendar is limited to Forex traders only, but also useful for equity analysts and commodity analysts as well. And we have much more to offer you. For more details, you can visit our home page of

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