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Advisory in equity

What is equity?

Equity refers to the owner’s fund. Investment in stock market indirectly brings ownership in the company. The owners are known’s as the shareholders of the firm. Every company works with the motto of increasing their shareholder’s value. Equity market is also known as Stock market in general terms where buyers and sellers come together and trade according to their needs. There are two category of stock issued to the investors that is Preferred stock and Common Stock.

Stocks are traded over the counter or through exchanges. Equity offers returns that neutralizes the effect of inflation in long term, dividends and growth in value multiply the investment .Equity investment returns varies as per investors risk appetite, individual goal ,time horizon and their expectations from the market.

Types of Equity market

Primary Market: Primary Market where the shares are introduced for the first time in the market. This market is also known as Initial Public offer (IPO) market. Investors can invest through various financial channels like Banks, Financial Institutions, brokers or NBFC. Primarily investor enters into the IPO market, to have access to listing gains.

Secondary Market: Secondary Market is where shares are traded over the exchange after IPO gets listed. The buying and selling occurs over the exchanges and terminal. The proceedings of the transactions here gets exchange between the traders or investors and do not go to the company.

Cash: Cash Market is the marketplace where transactions are settled in the current date. Upfront payment is required to get the ownership of the stock.

Derivative: Derivative derives its value from the underlying securities. The prices are settled in the future date. One variant of derivative market is forward market which is over the counter (OTC) market and other one being future market where trades takes place over the exchanges .This is further divided into Future and Option. The best feature of this product is Leverage. However it can be a double edge sword if you trade without proper knowledge.

Entities in Equity Trading:

Exchanges: Exchange provides a platform to trade. In India there are two major national stock exchanges, namely, NSE and BSE. The National Stock exchange (NSE) is the leading stock exchange. Nifty is the indices in the exchange which consist of 50 companies representing the overall health of the market. Similarly Bombay Stock exchange (BSE) is other major national exchange with head quarters located in Mumbai, has an index called Sensex which consist of top 30 companies, of various sectors.


NSE &BSE: 9:15AM-3:30PM

A) Pre-open session

Order entry & modification Open: 09:00 hrs

Order entry & modification Close: 09:08 hrs*

**with random closure in last one minute. Pre-open order matching starts immediately after close of pre-open order entry.

B) Regular trading session

Normal / Limited Physical Market Open: 09:15AM

Normal / Limited Physical Market Close: 03:30PM

**Block deal session is held between 09:15AM and 09:50 AM

C) The Closing Session

is held between 3.40PM and 04.00 PM


Investment in Stock market requires in depth research and analysis. conceptualizes to bridge the gap between the advisor and traders. being pioneer in bringing the distinctive platform works in the best interest for analyst, investor, traders and society by large. We believe in the philosophy of success for all.

We are pledged to bring the best of stock advisory from the SEBI Registered Analyst. Unbiased and reliable stock advices from the professionals available on the platform. The performances are ranked and rated on the basis of their accuracy. We believe an informed decision is always a good choice than to invest naive in market.

  • SEBI Registered Analyst and Investment Advisor: All the advisors associated with, are registered with SEBI as analyst or investment advisors. They give the best of their advisory and expertise.

  • Reliable and transparent platform: The genuine historic and live performances of analysts are available on our portal. Calls selection criteria is based on mathematical calculation which further guarantees only blue chip stocks with high volume and good liquidity are available for trading. No manual intervention in our system. The Advisors post their calls in the live market. We believe in an executable trade where traders or investors can actually take trade and earn profit for themselves.

  • Ease to choose and trade: This is one of the most advantageous features of; here a trader is free to choose from list of analyst. We provide rating and ranking to the advisors on the basis of their performance, followers and viewership.

  • Live Chat: Connect with your favourite advisor with the help of live Chat. Ask for queries regarding your trades, scrips and portfolio. One doesn’t have to wait or visit anyplace to get their concerns resolved.

  • Value for Money: The economical and value added services available here with other informative tools like in-depth research reports and analysis helps in creating wealth.

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